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Mu Alpha Theta is a National High School Mathematics Honor Society with over 105,000 student members  in more than 2,100 schools. This past year (2015), Cypress Bay placed 3rd in the Statewide Convention and 4th in the National Convention.


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Do you want to compete?

You won't always win a trophy but if you want to have fun competing with friends in or out of school, you should attend competitions. They are an incredible experience. Each year there are three regional, three invitational, one state, and one national competition. Regional and invitational competitions take place on Saturdays. States is a Thursday through a Sunday. Nationals is a week long and during the summer.  MAO competitions will not only give you the opportunity to enhance your math skills, but also allow you to form friendships that will last a lifetime. If you have never been to a competition, we highly encourage you to sign up for one. Ask anyone who has competed in the past; you certainly will not regret it.

Need help?

All Mu Alpha Theta Members are required to fulfill tutoring requirements, but help is always available to anyone (members included). Don't hesitate to stop by if you or any of your friends need help. Tutoring is after school on Mondays and Wednesdays beginning September 23rd.

Make sure when you tutor that you both sign in AND out. You will NOT receive credit for tutoring points if you forget to do either. Please also check the points page to confirm that you receive proper credit for tutoring. This page will be updated monthly. Service hours will be put in bimonthly.

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Photo Credit: Priscilla Tang

Photo Credit: Priscilla Tang

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