2020-2021 Officers

Sponsors: Richard Farmer, Ari Novick, Lisa Herron

Nicole is excited to be the Director of Logistics! She's in charge of filling out lots of paperwork, helping prep us for competitions, and planning the March Regional and banquet. Outside of school, Nicole goes to Sunghee Ballet Academy and is a devoted Disney-lover. She can’t wait to see all our returning members and meet the new members of our family!



Emily Lu

Emily Lu is a senior who has loved being in math club since middle school. As president, she is looking forward to working with everyone to have a successful year. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, playing table tennis, and taking photographs. 


Director of Logistics

Nicole Vayman


Director of Finance

Tomer Shmul

Tomer is a senior at Cypress Bay and has been involved in Mu Alpha Theta since 7th grade. He hopes to positively impact the club this year as Director of Finance by helping the club provide financial support for competitions in the wake of COVID. In his free time, Tomer enjoys flying planes and is working on getting his helicopter license.


Communications Director

Eric Zhong

Eric is the Director of Communications. He is in charge of sending out reminds and communicating with members to address any issues. If you are ever looking for Eric, try looking for the guy chomping gum in Allison's ear (he is not nasty, he just likes to annoy Allison) or hugging random people in the hallways, and most importantly if you ever need someone to talk to you know what remind to text to!


Director of Social Affairs

Allison Comite is your 2020-2021 Social Affairs Director. She is responsible for planning social events and bringing together our MAO family!

You can usually find her sipping on iced coffee, jamming to One Direction, making Tik Toks, or excessively using her TI-84 calculator. She would love to chat with you guys about any ideas, and she is looking forward to an amazing year with all of you!


Allison Comite

Sergeant at Arms

Federico Reinoso

Federico is a Senior who has been a part of the MAO family since freshman year and is now working as Seargent at Arms keeping track of attendance and order at meetings and competitions. Outside of school, he enjoys slacklining and running.


Director of Competitions

Mahadev Josyabhatla

Mahadev is a senior and has been actively involved in MAO since freshman year. As the Director of Competitions, he makes sure that the competition captains don't slack off and finds new competitions for everyone. He also likes to see Cypress dominate in competitions. In his free time, he enjoys swimming and hanging out with friends.


Andrew Huang

Andrew is a junior at Cypress Bay. His job as the webmaster to run the club's website and keep it up to date with information that members might need. He has been a part of MAO since his freshman year. He plays tennis and plans to play for the school's team.


Deven Mistry

Deven is one of your historians and is currently a senior. He loves photography, dancing, and engineering. Deven dances in national bhangra competitions for Florida Bhangra Crew and founded a company to teach his own engineering classes! At MAO competitions, you will probably see him running around Gung-Ho with his camera strapped around my hand. He look forward to getting to know you all better!



Niveda Kumar


Sahana Thayagabalu

Sahana Thayagabalu is a sophomore in high school and will be one of your historians this school year. Some of her hobbies are dancing and playing the guitar. She is so excited to take photos and help log the journey of our club throughout the year.   


Theta Captain

Priyanka Adhikari

Priyanka Adhikari teaches after-school math practices as one of the Theta Competition Captains. She‘s a junior who loves math and classical ballet and hopes to spread her love for competition math through MAO.


Theta Captain

Julie Jin

Julie Jin is one of the Theta Competiton Captains and is currently in her junior year of high school. One of her hobbies is to create art and she wants to make MAO an approachable club for anyone in the future who simply enjoys math.


Frankie Alvarez

Frankie is an Alpha team co-captain. He teaches, organizes, and leads the Alpha division prior to and after competitions. Frankie is a Venezuelan American who loves running, playing the drums, learning physics, djing, and the outdoors. 

Alpha Captain


Alpha Captain

Nicolas Rosado

Nicolas Rosado (or Nico), this year’s Alpha Competition Captain, is a sophomore at Cypress. He looks forward to improving the skills of the Alpha division by teaching them a range of precalculus concepts and answering any questions they might have about the content. Outside of school, he enjoys learning about the environment and different languages, listening to and playing music, and has made many friendship bracelets throughout quarantine. 


Calculus Captain

Ian Gonzalez

Along with Andrei and Vishal, Ian is one of this year’s Calculus Competition Captains. He works to create material for and run meetings to prepare students for upcoming competitions. In his free time, he enjoys competitive programming and playing games like Minesweeper and League of Legends.


Calculus Captain

Andrei Chekmasov

Andrei works with Ian and Vishal as one of this year's Competition Captains for Calculus. Andrei works diligently to prepare material for the calculus practices, and assists in each meeting to ensure it goes smoothly. Andrei loves studying math and computer science in school, and he hopes to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence in the future. Andrei enjoys playing video games and building large LEGO constructions with his little brother in his free time.


Calculus Captain

Vishal Suresh

Vishal is a junior and one of the calculus competition heads. Vishal does many things in his free time including biking with his family and hanging out with friends. His favorite food is sushi, so you might see him the next time you're at a Japanese restaurant.


Albert Wang

Albert Wang, a junior at Cypress Bay, will be teaching the CBHS AMC class in the 2020-2021 school year. Albert has always loved math as a kid, and has ample experience in the AMC competition series. In his spare time, he plays the piano, plays card games with others, and binges Youtube.

AMC Captain


Community Outreach Director

Sionika Thayagabalu

Sionika Thayagabalu is a senior and will be one of your Community Outreach Heads this year. She looks forward to working with the math departments of local middle and elementary schools to help instill a passion for math from a young age. Outside of school, Sionika loves dancing and painting. 


Community Outreach Director

Fernando Bencomo

Fernando Bencomois one of the Community outreach Directors. As a community outreach director he tries to expand MAØ’s cope of influence in the community. He is a senior and joined Calc comp in 11th grade. Fernando likes to be sociable and have a lot of fun with new people he meets and friends. He is approachable on any matter and always tries his best to help. He likes running and playing video games after school and also participate in other clubs at the school.


Community Outreach Director

Grace Baek

Grace Baek is a junior and is one of the community outreach directors. She is super excited to work with the math departments of local elementary and middle schools!


Sanjana Bhatt

Community Outreach Director

Sanjana Bhatt is a sophomore at Cypress Bay. As one of the community outreach directors, she coordinates events with the local middle and high schools.  In her free time, she enjoys dancing, baking, and traveling.


Tutoring Head

Alessandro Roccasecca

Alessandro is a tutoring head. He is in charge of signing people in for tutoring every quarter, and making sure people attend tutoring. He is very friendly with those who attend tutoring, and enjoys tutoring those who need help.


Giuliano Roccasecca

Giuliano is one of this years tutoring heads. As tutoring head he is responsible for managing after school tutoring. He enjoys talking and meeting new people, so feel free to reach out to him. He enjoys tutoring and helping others and is always willing to help whoever asks.

Tutoring Head


Jordana Rockley

Tutoring Head

Jordana is a MAO Tutoring Head who enjoys activism, dance, and volunteering in her free time. Jordana advocates for a variety of societal issues including the climate crisis, and human rights for minority groups. Jordana also dances for the University Center for Performing Arts where she has learned to help students of all ages. As tutoring head she has applied her experiences from public speaking and teaching by creating a welcoming environment for students struggling to understand various math concepts.

Tutoring Head

Atiksh Chandra

Atiksh is one of the Cypress Bay tutoring heads in Mu Alpha Theta. He helps to coordinate and maintain the environment of the afterschool math tutoring program in Cypress Bay. Atiksh also enjoys playing piano and traveling the world. 

Niveda Kumar is one of the historians of Mu Alpha Theta. She’s currently a junior and enjoys running and Taekwondo in her free time. Niveda hopes to document many memorable moments of the club during the school year.