2021-2022 Officers

Sponsors: Richard Farmer, Ari Novick, Lisa Herron


Priyanka Adhikari

Priyanka is a senior who loves competitive math and hopes to spread this passion through Mu Alpha Theta in the upcoming year. In her free time, she enjoys classical ballet, biking, and traveling. As president, she is excited to work with everyone to help the club make next year a great one! 


Julie Jin is the Director of Logistics and is currently in her senior year of high school. One of her hobbies is to create art and she wants to make mao an approachable club for anyone who enjoys math.

Director of Logistics

Julie Jin


Director of Finance

Isaac Tang

Isaac, a senior at Cypress Bay High school, is the Director of Finance. He is in charge of filling out lots of paperwork and is responsible for the management of the financial affairs of MAO. Isaac loves choral singing, studying chemistry, and eating food with friends. 


Director of Communications

Vishal Suresh

Hello! I'm Vishal. I am the Director of Communications for the 2021-2022 school year, the one who sends the remind messages. Aside from school, I enjoy biking and exercise in general. Also, I like Cheerios.


Director of Social Affairs

Niveda Kumar is your 2021-2022 Social Affairs Director. She is a senior and is looking forward to planning enjoyable events to bring together our MAO Family!! Niveda enjoys Taekwondo, running, and dancing. She would love to discuss any new ideas and is excited to chat with everyone!

Niveda Kumar


Sergeant at Arms

Xabier Sienra

Xabier is a junior at Cypress Bay and has been a part of MAO since his freshman year. As the Sergeant at Arms, he takes attendance and maintains order at competitions and meetings. Xabier enjoys studying math and science, especially computer science, and outside of school, he enjoys reading, playing video games, and learning piano.


Andrei Chekmasov

Andrei has been an active member of MAO from his freshman year, so he is excited to support MAO as the Director of Competitions in his senior year. He is in charge of managing the competition captains and suggesting new competitions for us to participate in. In his freetime, Andrei enjoys programming and playing video games with his friends. 

Director of Competitions

image0 (1).jpeg


Frankie Alvarez

Frankie is this year’s DOSE. He will act as a liaison between MAO and an event he created called the CBHS STEAM Fair. When he isn’t grinding for school he loves to dj, play the drums, run, and connect with the universe. 


Andrew Huang

Andrew is this year's webmaster. He has been a member of MAO since 9th grade and is excited to work with all of the new members. His job is to keep the Cypress Bay Mao website up-to-date and provide members with all links needed. In his free time he enjoys hanging out with his friends.

Alex Frias MAO.jpg

Alex Frias


Alex Frias is one of the historians of Mu Alpha Theta. He is a sophomore who enjoys photography and traveling. He is looking forward to being able to capture photos of many events and competitions that we go on.


Shreya Mishra

Shreya is a junior and will be one of your historians. She loves to draw and has a passion for astronomy. She’s super excited to meet everyone and capture some amazing memories!


Elizabeth Farmer


Hi there! My name is Elizabeth Farmer and I am so excited to be one if this year's historians! I can't wait to be a part of the MAO family and help create a special year for everyone in the club! You will most likely always find me smiling :)

MAO Photo.jpeg

Theta Captain

Sahana Thayagabalu

Sahana Thayagabalu is a junior in high school and will be one of your Theta Competition Captains this school year. In her free time, she loves to dance and paint. She is so excited to get to meet and teach all the new Thetas this year!

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Sai Bandarupalli

Sai is a sophomore and is an Alpha Competition Captain. He teaches the Alpha Division and makes material to help them. In his free time, he loves to play and watch football and basketball.

Alpha Captain


Theta Captain

Samuel Palleija

Hi! I’m Sam, I’m a sophmore, and am excited to be a theta captain this year. My main goal is to make MAO a very welcoming environment that brings out the best in everyone. In my free time I like to play violin and make music. Stay hydrated :D


Alpha Captain

Badrinath Konidala

Badrinath is a sophomore at Cypress Bay and is one of the Alpha Competition Captains this year. He works on material for practices and helps the Alpha Division get ready for competitions. In his free time, he likes to bike, play tennis, and hang out with his friends.


Calculus Captain

Ian Gonzalez

Ian is this year’s Calculus Competition Captains. He works to create material for and run meetings to prepare students for upcoming competitions. In his free time, he enjoys competitive programming and playing games like Minesweeper and League of Legends.

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Stats Captain

Bryce Lin

Hello, I am Bryce Lin and I am this years Statistics Captain! I may not be that good at other math topics but I swear on my life I will teach stats to the best of my abilities. I’m also kinda sus


Vismay Jain

Vismay is a senior and one of the Statistics Competition Captains this year. He works to help organize Statistics practices to make them run smoothly. He hopes to see all of Cypress Bay MAO, especially the Statistics Division, destroy the competition throughout the year. In his free time, he enjoys hanging out with friends, playing video games, and watching movies.


Falcon Cove Tutoring Head

Alessandra Castillejos

Hey, my name is Alessandra Castillejos, a Falcon Cove tutoring  head. I strive to help students reach their full academic potential while creating a fun and welcoming environment . In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and video games as well as  baking.

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Falcon Cove Tutoring Head

Atiksh Chandra

Atiksh is one of the Community Outreach Directors in Mu Alpha Theta. He helps to coordinate and maintain the environment of the afterschool Falcon Cove Tutoring Program. Atiksh also enjoys playing piano and traveling the world.


Grace Baek

Grace is a senior and is one of the community outreach directors. She is super excited to work with the math departments of local elementary and middle schools! In her free time, Grace loves to get boba, read, and binge-watch kdramas.

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Falcon Cove Tutoring Head

Sanjana Bhatt

Sanjana Bhatt is a junior at Cypress Bay. As one of the outreach heads, she is responsible for coordinating events with the local middle and high schools. In her free time, she enjoys baking, dancing, and traveling to new places. 


Alessandro Roccasecca

Alessandro is a tutoring head. He is in charge of signing people in for tutoring every quarter, and making sure people attend tutoring. He is very friendly with those who attend tutoring, and enjoys tutoring those who need help.


Giuliano Roccasecca

Giuliano is one of this year's tutoring heads. As tutoring head he is responsible for managing after school tutoring. He enjoys talking and meeting new people, so feel free to reach out to him. He enjoys tutoring and helping others and is always willing to help whoever asks.


Rachel Oh

Rachel Oh is a senior at Cypress Bay. As a tutoring head, she will manage the after-school tutoring that MAO hosts to ensure that all students will be able to understand math. She loves helping others learn, and has hosted multiple STEM related activities for elementary school students, such as a STEM Night or a one week STEM camp. During her free time, Rachel loves making all types of crafts, so you may see her scouring the aisles at Michael’s. She is looking forward to meeting everyone in person next year! 

Tutoring Head

Tutoring Head

Diego Santos Gonzalez

Diego is one of the tutoring heads this year. He organizes and manages the after school math tutoring program. Diego was born in Honduras, and enjoys powerlifting, playing the piano, and making songs (mostly EDM for now).


Stats Captain

Falcon Cove Tutoring Head

Tutoring Head

Tutoring Head