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2022-2023 Officers

Sponsors: Richard Farmer, Ari Novick



Sahana Thayagabalu

Sahana is this year's MAO President. She has been a part of the MAO Family since her freshman year and has loved it ever since! In her free time, Sahana enjoys dancing, painting, hanging out with friends, and listening to music. She also has an avid passion for science and math. Sahana is beyond thrilled to help run MAO with her fellow officers through this amazing year!

IMG_2922 - Blake Crawford.heic

Director of Finance

Blake Crawford

I am a senior, and I have been in Cypress Bay MAO for three years now, last year being my first year competing. In my free time I enjoy going to the gym and watching 3Blue1Brown videos (I highly recommend them). MAO has been such an enjoyable experience for me in the past years, so I am super excited to be both part of the officer board this year and to be able to represent Cypress Bay in competitions this year!

A070724A-DC9A-4E05-93DC-E03947555718 - Gabriele Di Gianluca.jpeg

Gabriele is this year’s Director of Logistics and will be in charge of organizing the March regional competition and making the itineraries for all the competitions we attend. In school, Gabriele enjoys computer science, math, and physics. Outside of school, Gabriele enjoys playing alto saxophone, soccer, and going out with friends.

Director of Logistics

Gabriele Di Gianluca



Venkata Bhamidi

Venkata will be the webmaster this year. He competed in MAO from freshman year. He enjoys calculus and biology. In his free time Venkata likes to read novels, play tennis and eating new foods.

E73A2A9E-AE38-4B3E-89BB-A69CB450FC15 - Maria Barboza.jpeg

Director of Social Affairs

PFP - Sastha Rajamanikandan.jpg

Hi everyone! My name’s Maria, and I’m going to be the Director of Social Affairs for the next school year. I’m super excited for all the fun events I have in mind, and I can’t wait to have an amazing year. In my free time, I like to play soccer, go to the beach, and hang out with friends.

Maria Barboza

Sergeant at Arms

Sastha Rajamanikandan

Hey everyone, I am a senior this year and will be your Sergeant at Arms. I'm so excited to see you all this year and I'm looking forward to meet and welcome our new members. I will make sure everyone has a joyful experience in this family, and you'll likely see me laughing and doing dips with Mr. Farmer. In my free time, I love to run, workout, and hang out with friends.

Copy of 4f24cc60-d12c-4029-aea8-11b7907ef12e - Xabier Sienra.jfif.jpg

Xabier Sienra

Xabier is a senior and this year's Director of Competitions. He is looking forward to having plenty of competitions throughout the year for everyone to enjoy. Outside of school, he enjoys programming, reading, and playing video games.

Director of Competitions

Director of Communications

Alex Frias is the Director of Communications of Mu Alpha Theta. He is a junior who enjoys photography and traveling. He is looking forward to keeping MAO members informed on upcoming events and activities.

image0 (14).jpeg

Theta Captain

Sai Bandarupalli

Alex Frias

Alex Frias MAO.jpg

Hi! I’m Sam, I’m a junior, and I am one of the theta captains for this year. I have always loved being in MAO and hope to welcome the upcoming freshman to the club. I play violin in my free time and hate tomatoes. Take care of yourself :)

Samuel Palleija

F0601412-2AB5-4689-A67A-19CDA477EAE7 - Riya Desai.jpeg

Riya Desai

Riya is a junior and is one of the Alpha Competition Captains. In her free time, she likes to read and play cards with her family. She’s excited to help and teach all the Alphas!


Alpha Captain 

Alpha Captain

Badrinath Konidala

Badrinath is a junor at Cypress Bay and is one of the Alpha Competition Captains this year. He works on material for practices and helps the Alpha Division get ready for competitions. In his free time, he likes to bike, play tennis, and hang out with his friends.

06F431DA-0500-444D-91FF-05F151789B0B - andres.jpeg

Calculus Captain 

PXL_20220104_220056095.MP - Andrei Rauta.jpg

I love astrophysics and hope to be an aerospace engineer or astrophysicist one day. For fun, I play french horn in the band. In my free time, I like to play volleyball and go out with my friends. I also like to play video games such as Valorant and Risk of Rain 2 as well as watch shows like The Expanse. Sometimes when I’m feeling creative I’ll work on coding projects or try learning random new skills.

Andres Luengo

Calculus Captain

Andrei Rauta

While I was born in the US, my family is from Romania. I enjoy programming, math, and teaching others. Let's dominate the competition this year.


Ashlyn Gao

8AADC1F1-4CAE-48CD-8527-61C033B1E821 - Ashlyn.jpeg

Hi! I'm Ashlyn, and I'm super excited to be one of your historians this year! I hope we can all work and grow together. I'd love to help create and share all of our memories -- including winning -- so we can all smile back on them in the future. I'm always here to help!


IMG_6495 - Julia Wu.jpg

Julia Wu

Hello! I'm a senior and this year's historian. I've been in MAO since freshman year so I'm excited to be an officer! In my free time I like to play video games and draw.


40FF10FE-B151-4E42-8BDF-69999CB94B13 - Sasha Hernandez.jpeg

Sasha Hernandez

Sasha is a senior and one of this year’s historians. She will be helping capture this year’s moments and is excited to help everyone remember their time in MAO. In her free time she likes to read and go to the beach.

profile pic - Sanjana B..png

Sanjana Bhatt

Sanjana Bhatt is a senior at Cypress Bay. As one of the outreach directors, she is responsible for coordinating events with the local middle and high schools. In her free time, she enjoys baking, dancing, and traveling to new places.

E1A2BFA4-99B3-498A-A5B3-78C2B4DFCEA7 - Cory Sands.jpeg

Cory Sands

Cory is a junior and will be one of your outreach directors for MAO. In his free time, he loves to power-lift and play numerous sports, such as football and basketball. He is extremely excited this year to work for this amazing club!

Outreach Director

image0 (3) - Aadish Kachhal.jpeg

Outreach Director

Aadish Kachhal

Aadish is a sophomore and one of the Community Outreach Directors. He helps coordinate tutoring for students outside Cypress Bay and plans engaging volunteer opportunities. He also enjoys playing piano, traveling, and cooking in his free time.

3B04D514-DDC5-4318-BFAD-9422FCA577E6 - Carolinne Viana Poffo.jpeg

Tutoring Head

FAB9C806-860C-4211-9D92-3CCAF7760147 - Isa N.jpeg

My name is Carolinne Viana Poffo, I will be one of your tutoring heads for this upcoming year! I am so excited to manage, attend and assist with tutoring this year! I can’t wait to make many new memories! I am so happy to help :)

Carolinne Viana Poffo

Isabela Nierth

Hey! My name is Isabela and I’m a sophomore at Cypress Bay. I'm very excited to be one of this year’s tutoring heads! I hope to make MAO’s tutoring sessions a friendly environment where students can be comfortable asking for help. I can't wait to meet everyone!


Giuliano Roccasecca

Giuliano is one of this year's tutoring heads. As tutoring head he is responsible for managing after school tutoring. He enjoys talking and meeting new people, so feel free to reach out to him. He enjoys tutoring and helping others and is always willing to help whoever asks.

Tutoring Head

Alessandro Roccasecca

Alessandro is a tutoring head. He is in charge of signing people in for tutoring every quarter, and making sure people attend tutoring. He is very friendly with those who attend tutoring, and enjoys tutoring those who need help.

89C3F0C6-1DBD-4B3D-9E6F-9A7206AFD63A - Mutantphantom.jpeg

Johnathan Lozano

Jonathan, is one of 2022-2023 Mu Alpha Theta tutoring heads. I enjoy tutoring students and excelling there understanding of math. My favorite math subject is calculus. On my free time I like to hangout with friends and play sports.

Tutoring Head

Tutoring Head

Theta Captain

Outreach Director

Tutoring Head

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